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Paintings, Sculptures & Projects Garden

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Mathaf’s Collection of modern and contemporary art is built as an ambitious project, using art as a tool to understand histories of human civilization. This exhibition features a diversity of paintings, sculptures and projects drawn from the museum’s collection, and offers an insight into artistic scenes from a large geography that would correspond to the concept of an Arab World. Like the Tower of Babel, this exhibition makes possible the coexistence of artists, ideas and productions connecting the continents of Africa, Asia and Anatolia.

The concept of a garden expresses the idea of culture, the diversity of Mathaf’s unique Collection of modern and contemporary art, and tells of multiple histories to be explored. The modern museum is a place for intellectual and artistic production that responds to the need of society to recognize and validate its values and creativity, or to examine its history and perspective of development. Mathaf is geographically located in a large-scale urban area that is growing on the edges of Doha, one of the most active zones for cultural projects in the region. The image of a Paintings, Sculptures and Projects Garden refers to art histories and to the urban projects that influence artistic creation.

A painting by Khalifa al-Qattan produced in 1958 illustrates the idea of the Arabic Dream that is understood as a political utopian project that connects the Arab world from the Atlantic to the Indian Oceans. This ideal world is frequently illustrated in modern and contemporary arts and literature.

The Paintings, Sculptures and Projects Garden exhibition will be cultivated to grow with new works from Mathaf’s Collection, using multiple languages and voices to explore different narratives. The concept behind this project is also to offer direct access to art for Qatar residents and visitors, and to share histories using research and education projects within the museum.

Pictured above: Khalifa al-Qattan, Title unknown, 1958, Oil on hardboard, 50 x 65 cm


Paintings, Sculptures and Projects Garden

Dia Azzawi, Farid Belkahia, Faraj Daham, Manal al-Dowayan, Ismail Fattah, Wafa al-Hamad, Adam Henein, Saif al-Kuwari, Hussein Madi, Tariq Ibrahim, Baya Mahieddine, Mohammed el-Melehi, Sami Mohammed, Rafa al-Nasiri, Ahmed Nawar, Shirin Neshat, Khalifa al-Qattan, Munqith Said, Abbes Saladi, Ibrahim el-Salahi, Faisal Samra, Jewad Selim, Seif Wanly.

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha
Piazza, Garden, Library and First Floor Gallery

December 10, 2013 - February 9, 2014



حديقة من اللوحات والمنحوتات والمشاريع



يتناول المعرض، الذي يحمل عنوان حديقة من اللوحات والمنحوتات والمشاريع، موضوع ابتكار الأشكال، وهو يضم نخبة منالفنانين من مجموعة متحف: ضياء العزاوي، فريد بالكاهية، فرج دهام، منال الضويان، إسماعيل فتاح، وفا الحمد، آدم حنين، حسين ماضي، طارق ابراهيم، بايا محي الدين، محمد المليحي، سامي محمد، أحمد نوار، خليفة القطان، ابراهيم الصلحي، منقذ سعيد، عباس صلادي، جواد سليم، و سيف وانلي. 

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