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Qatar Photographic Society request in Cooperation with the Village Fonudation Katara request the pleasure of your company to the opening Ceremony of the photo exhibition National Geographic “colors of the world”

On Wednesday January 21, 2015 at 7.15 pm in Qatar Photographic Society head quarter, Cultural Village Katara at building No. 18.



تتشرف الجمعية القطرية للتصوير الضوئي بالتعاون مع المؤسسة العامة للحي الثقافي " كتارا "  بدعوة سيادتكم لحضور

 حفل افتتاح  معرض ناشيونال جيوغرافيك " الوان العالم "

 وذلك فى الساعة السابعة والربع من مساء الاربعاء 21 يناير 2015م بمقر الجمعية القطرية للتصويرالضوئي بالحى الثقافي  كتارا


مبني رقم 18 

Here There - هنا هناك

  • Sunday, 11 January 2015 10:33
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HERE THERE is organized by the Qatar Museums Public Art department, in collaboration with Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo, Norway and Musée d’Art Contemporain in Lyon, France. The content in the show ranges from traditional mediums to digital art, installations, interactive works, and contemporary design works. Along with the artworks, a section within the Brazilian part of the exhibition is dedicated to artists’ books, a common international contemporary art practice that has a long history within Brazilian culture.

The title HERE THERE is influenced by the transformation of two cultures and what connects them. This theme is represented by the transformation of meaning from ‘here’ to ‘there’ through the addition of a character (in both English and Arabic language). For example, detaching the last letter from the word ‘هناك (Hunak)’ in Arabic and the first letter from the word ‘There’ in English will leave us with ‘هنا (Huna)’, or ‘Here’, respectively.

The exhibition falls under the Qatar-Brazil Year of Culture 2014, as part of Qatar Museums’ annual initiative in establishing cultural ties between Qatar and countries around the world.

The lobby area of QM Gallery ALRIWAQ displays two murals on either side, by Brazilian artist Speto on the right of entrance, and Qatari artist Mohammed Al-Nesef on the left. Inside the galleries, ALRIWAQ is split into two parts, with each dedicated to each of the two countries, Qatar (Here) and Brazil (There). The selected artists present a new artistic language through research and experimentation with materials, demonstrating a strong awareness and social engagement within their cultures.



"هنا هناك" هو معرض لأعمال فنانين من قطر والبرازيل وهو تعبير للتحوّل الثقافي والاجتماعي بين الدولتين. فمن خلال هذا المعرض نكتشف المحيط الذي أتينا منه وما نقوم به للحفاظ على هذا التغيير العضوي من خلال الأعمال الجديدة والقائمة المعروضة لفنانين معاصرين من كلا الدولتين، تمّ اختيار نخبة الفنانين من الرواد الناشئين ومنهم من يعرض أعماله للمرة الأولى.

نظّم قسم الفن العام في متاحف قطر، معرض "هنا هناك"، بالتعاون مع متحف استروب فيرنلي في أوسلو بالنرويج، ومتحف الفن المعاصر في ليون بفرنسا، يتراوح محتوى المعرض من خامات تقليدية إلى أعمال الفن الرقمي، وأعمال تركيبية، وأعمال تفاعلية وتصميمية. بالإضافة للأعمال الفنية، وهناك قسم تابع للمعرض البرازيلي مكرّس لأعمال كتب الفنانين،الذي يعتبرأسلوب فني المعاصر والتي لها تاريخ طويل في الفن البرازيلي.

لقد استوحي عنوان "هنا هناك" من مكونات ثقافة الدولتين وما يجمعهما من خلال نقطة تحول الكلمة بإزالة حرف واحد من كلا اللغتين العربية والانجليزية مع إزالة آخر حرف من كلمة هناك باللغة العربية وأول حرف من كلمة “There” باللغة الانجليزية تصبح الكمة "هنا" أو “Here”.

تمّ تحضير هذا المعرض في نهاية العام الثقافي لقطر والبرازيل من سنة 2014، وهو جزء من البرامج السنوية التي تنظمها متاحف قطر مع دول العالم.

تحتوي قاعة الاستقبال بجاليري الرواق على الأعمال الجدارية في كلا الجهتين. فعلى الجانب الأيمن توجد لوحة الفنان البرازيلي سبيتو وعلى الجانب الأيسر لوحة الفنان القطري محمد النصف. تم تقسيم قاعات معرض الرواق الى قسمين، ينتمي كل قسم الى احدى الدولتين، قطر "هنا" والبرازيل "هناك". يعرض الفنانون المختارون لغة فينة جديدة من خلال البحث والتجارب مع المواد، مما يدل على وعي قوي وانخراط اجتماعي داخل ثقافتهم.

Spring 2015 Community Education Program

  • Tuesday, 06 January 2015 23:25
  • Written by

Community Education Program 

Learn new skills and deepen your horizon at VCUQatar. Our Spring 2015 Community Education Program offers a large selection of art, design and craft courses at VCUQatar in Education City. Additional courses are offered at IAID (Academy for Dance, Music & Arts). Register online now, or visit the VCUQatar shop after January 6th, 2015 for in-person registration.

Registration for spring classes closes January 24, 2015, but as seats sell out early, we recommended you sign up as soon as possible.




4) Camera Filming (Taught in Arabic)

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

5) Oil Painting (Taught in Arabic)

QAR 1,200 / US$ 330

6) Oil Painting Basics

QAR 1,200 / US$ 330

7) Watercolor Painting - Basics

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

10) Collage with Discarded Materials

QAR 1200 / US$ 330

11) Stencil Art

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

15) Design Your Home

QAR 1,600 / US$ 440

16) Introduction to Fashion Design

QAR 1,600 / US$ 440

21) Fashion Illustration

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

23) Shibori Silk Dyeing

QAR 425 / US$ 117

26) The Art of Hat Making

QAR 745 / US$ 205

27) Origami Bag Design Exploration

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

32) Designing Patterns

QAR 1,200.- / US$ 330

33) Paper Magic

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

34) Fabric Interventions

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

38) Graphic Design Principles (Basic 1)

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

42) Adobe Illustrator

QAR 620 / US$ 170

43) Adobe Indesign

QAR 620 / US$ 170


QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

101) Fashion Illustration (at IAID)

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

106) Drawing: Chalk Pastel (at IAID)

QAR 850 / US$ 233.50

Mal Lawal

  • Sunday, 04 January 2015 12:14
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Mal Lawal is a unique showcase of private collections, blending heritage, culture and contemporary art to celebrate historically and socially significant objects and antiques. This is the second edition of the biennale and showcases 100 Qatari and 42 regional private collectors.

Mal Lawal exhibition first placed in 2012. Meaning ‘from the old days’, it invited everyone in Qatar to share the objects that have made an impression and resonated with them throughout their lives. From everyday artefacts and quirky trinkets to contemporary treasures and Qatari art, community-led contributions shaped an incredibly unique show – the first of its kind in the region.






Doha Exhibition Centre

17 December 2014 - 28 February 2015





Afterwards - Shirin Neshat

  • Sunday, 04 January 2015 12:04
  • Written by

Mythology, history, and social events have long provided artists with inspiration. For Shirin Neshat, emotions and personal life experiences have also played an essential role in her artistic practice. In this exhibition, the artist looks at the connections between ancient history and the politics of the present in work characterized by a strong visual language that employs photography, calligraphy, poetry, and filmmaking to explore the primal concepts of violence, passion and love that drive human history.


In her work, Neshat bears witness to the capacity of human beings to simultaneously build and destroy what constitutes them and their civilizations. Combining poetic visuals and textual language that reveal the paradoxes of beauty and violence, the artworks displayed in Mathaf’s galleries propose different perspectives on these collective histories. The contrasts and dissonant rhythms created between the individual works are part of the exhibition’s layout, with the viewer experiencing a succession of powerful images and emptier spaces. The exhibition is structured on a binary layout 01010, with additional works in between spaces, and it features existing and newly produced works. These include the photographic series Neshat produced in the early 1990s

and two video installations that address the historical, cultural, and political realities on which the artist has focused for the past thirty years. In the photographic series, Women of Allah (1993-97), the artist expresses her position on the situation in Iran following the Islamic Revolution in 1979. In her more recent series, The Book of Kings (2012) and Our House is on Fire (2013), Neshat responds to political events throughout the Arab world, capturing the emotions of people she met after the Arab Spring.


Shirin Neshat was born in Qazvin, Iran, in 1957. She was a university student in the United States during the 1979 Iranian Revolution and has lived in the U.S. ever since, moving to New York City, where she continued her artistic research and studies. She remained in the United States to pursue her artistic research and studies. It was only after traveling to Iran in 1993 that Neshat identified the central problematics of her work. Her photographic series, Women of Allah (1993-97), set the tone for a strong, precise, and often provocative practice that consistently addresses universal issues of gender, power and freedom, using an active aesthetic of change. 


Curator: Abdellah Karroum

Assistant curator: Leonore-Namkha Beschi



Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha

Ground Floor Galleries


9 November, 2014 until 15 February, 2015

Yousef Ahmad: Story of ingenuity

  • Sunday, 04 January 2015 11:33
  • Written by

The exhibition highlights Qatari artist Yousef Ahmad’s body of work through a precise selection of his most striking artworks from his early works in 1970s until today.

It showcases three phases in Yousef Ahmad’s artistic career, from the early oil paintings that include the historic depiction of Al Zubarah Fort, to his mixed media calligraphic pieces where he utilizes and creates local palm tree paper to his new conceptual artworks presenting his ability of developing an innovate artistic style.

Yousef Ahmed is interested in recording and archiving the development of Qatari art, he has regularly represented his country at international biennials and events globally.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday Closed


11 Nov - 14 Feb 2015

10:00:am - 08:00:pm


Building 10, QMA Gallery

Zabra Indoor/Outdoor Exhibition

  • Sunday, 04 January 2015 11:32
  • Written by

Zabra, is the most precious moment of one’s lifetime. It is a traditional Qatari word that defines the dressing up for special occasions, it stems from our genuine heritage, our great history and our own identity to describe one’s
maximum feeling of honor, pride and excitement in a specific time and definite place.

The theme of the exhibition itself was unique, so we wanted to display the artwork in a unique way also. We decided to have the exhibition at the gallery for visitors, and at the same time, outdoors, shown for a long-term
period to all Katara Visitors.

All the photographs were taken at a studio and staged, under very demanding and as accurate as possible traditional outfits and jewelry, some extremely rare and precious. We hope this exhibition will impress the audience, and bring to their minds lovely memories of happy moments.


Artists Names
Heyya Al Mohannadi
Shuaa Jassim
Abdullah ali Al Mannai
Fatima Al Abdullah
Maryam Al Khawaja
Dana Al Khalaf


1 Jan - 28 Jan 2015

10:00:am - 10:00:pm


Building 19, Gallery 2

Handcrafts Workshops and Outdoor Market

  • Sunday, 04 January 2015 11:29
  • Written by

The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara
In cooperation with the Ministry of Labour & Social A­airs Presents (Handcrafts Workshops and Outdoor Market)



Download Program


2 Oct - 27 Mar 2015

05:00:pm - 07:00:pm


Katara Art Studios - Bldg 19

Nawal Al Mannai Exhibition

  • Sunday, 04 January 2015 11:27
  • Written by

Artist’s words:

It is difficult to choose a topic for a painting as I get more involved in art. Creativity is not acquired by simulation or recurrence and we need to find new ideas to reach the natural surroundings, as nothing emulate the pure instinct which makes us better.

This is why I wanted to include in paintings natural colors without affectation and exaggeration, and as a new artistic experience I utilized natural elements such as Coffee, Tea, Roselle, Turmeric and Beets, and all of these materials have natural colors with pure essence and original savor.


Nawal Hamad Al-Manai


1 Jan - 15 Jan 2015

10:00:am - 10:00:pm


Building 18

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, in partnership with the Qatar-Brazil Year of Culture at Qatar Museums, is pleased to host MFA Designer in Residence Felipe Fonseca for a lunchtime lecture on Wednesday, 5 November 2014 at 12:15 pm at the Atrium at VCUQatar. The event is open to the public.



In his lecture titled ‘Gambiarra: Repair Culture,’ Brazil based Felipe Fonseca explores the popular practices of Gambiarra and Mutirão in Brazil, demonstrating how social creativity is latent in virtually every human activity. 


Fonseca is an activist and independent researcher in the fields of digital culture, free and open technologies, collaborative networks, participatory society and local development. Fonseca serves as a consultant to the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the United Nations Development Program, advising on public policies for digital culture. 


Fonseca currently lives in Ubatuba along the São Paulo coast. In 2008 he established Ubalab, an experimental lab focused on the crossroads of free/open technologies, environment and society. 


Fonseca will be in residence in the MFA in Design program at VCUQatar from November 2-13, 2014, working with students on developing creative and artistic approaches to reduce and rationalize waste. 


During the residency, students will conduct field research, looking for manifestations of repair/up cycling/creative reuse in Doha and Qatar, and then articulate observations into concrete products.




يسرجامعةفرجينياكومنولثفيقطروبالشراكةمعمكتبالعلاقاتالاستراتيجيةالثقافيةفيهيئةمتاحفقطر (وكجزءمنالعامالثقافيقطرالبرازيل 2014)،استضافةالمصممفيليبيهفونسيكاوهوفنانمقيمفيبرنامجالماجستيرفيالفنونفيالجامعةوذلكفيمحاضرةيومالأربعاءالموافق 5 نوفمبر، 2014 فيتمامالساعة 12:15 ظهرافيقاعةالاحتفالاتفيالجامعة. والدعوةعامةللجمهورلحضورالمحاضرة


فيمحاضرتهبعنوان " Gambiarra: Repair Culture" يستكشفالمصممالبرازيليفيليبيهفونسيكاالممارساتالشعبيةل Gambiarra وMutirão فيالبرازيل،ممايدلعلىمدىالإبداعالاجتماعيالكامنفيجميعأنواعالنشاطالبشري


فونسيكاهوناشطوباحثمستقلفيمجالاتالثقافةالرقميةوالتقنياتالحرةوالمفتوحة،والشبكاتالتعاونيةومشاركةالمجتمعوالتنميةالمحلية. يعملفونسيكامستشارالوزارةالثقافةالبرازيليةوفيبرامجالتنميةللأممالمتحدة،ويقومبتقديمالمشورةفيالسياساتالعامةللثقافةالرقمية.


يعيشفونسيكاحاليافي Ubatuba علىطولساحلساوباولو. فيعام 2008 أنشأفونسيكا Ubalab،وهومختبرتجريبييركزعلىالتقنياتالمفتوحةوالحرةوالبيئةوالمجتمع


ستستضيفجامعةفرجينياكومنولثفيقطرفيليبيهفونسيكاكفنانمقيمفيبرنامجالماجستيرفيالتصميمخلالالفترةمن 2 – 13 نوفمبر 2014،حيثسيعملمعالطلابعلىتطويرالأساليبالإبداعيةوالفنيةللحدمنالنفاياتوترشيداستهلاكهاوالتخلصمنها


أثناءإقامته،سيقومالطلاببإجراءبحوثميدانية،والبحثعنمظاهرالإصلاح / وإعادةالتدويروإعادةالاستخداموالابتكارفيالدوحةودولةقطرككل،ومنثمبلورةالملاحظاتإلىمنتجاتملموسة.



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