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In partnership with the Austrian, German and Swiss Embassies in Doha, the Doha Film Institute presents Perspektive Kino. Curated by the Institute, the four-film series brings recent German-language cinema to Doha in a spirit of cultural exchange and the celebration of cinematic excellence.


10 April- 8:00 PM
11 April- 10:00 PM

Perkspektive Kino series premiere. A doctor working in 1980s East Germany finds herself banished to a small country hospital.

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The Wall

11 April- 7:00 PM

A woman inexplicably finds herself cut off from all human contact when an invisible, unyielding wall suddenly isolates her in the remote countryside. 

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The Little Ghost

12 April-4:00 PM

The Little Ghost lives in the castle of Eulenstein. It awakens for precisely one hour after the clock strikes midnight. Despite the warnings of a friend, the ghost would like to see the world by daylight just once.

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The Beekeeper

12 April- 7:00 PM

A story of a beekeeper who lost everything in the Turkish-Kurdish war – his wife, his children, his home and the more than 500 bee colonies there were his livelihood. He is left with nothing but his love for bees and his faith in the human spirit. 

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Ajyal Youth Film Series

Two blundering yet lovable musician protagonists meet ghosts, obtain boons, avert, wars, marry princesses and help the common people live happily ever after. 

Friday, 11 April- 4:00 PM – FREE (ticket is required for the screening) 

Katara Drama Theatre Building 16 

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MIA Exhibition Series – Presented by DFI

Wazed Ali Shah is the ruler of one of the last independent kingdoms of India. Intent on taking control of this rich region, British authorities clear the way for an annexation for the Empire. While the political pressure mounts, Ali Shah secludes himself in his palace, while the nobility ignore the situation and abandon their duty, spending their days playing chess. 

Thursday, 3 April – 7:00 PM
Friday, 4 April – 7:00 PM
Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium 

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Ajyal Youth Film Series

In celebration of the upcoming Earth Day 2014, which will take place on 22 April, the Doha Film Institute and Kahrama (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation) have collaborated to present the Tarsheed Short Filmmaking Competition. The focus of the competition is on raising awareness about conserving water and electricity. We want you to express how you can save the earth’s energy by submitting a compelling short film about the subject. 

Deadline for submission: 14 April, 2014 

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Family and People Exhibition

  • Thursday, 27 March 2014 14:54
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Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla will exhibit paintings reflecting Egypt’s people both past and present. 

Abla was born in 1953 in Mansoura. He graduated with a BA from the faculty of fine arts at Alexandria University in 1977. The prolific painter has exhibited artwork in galleries across Europe, including the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK, as well as Egypt.

Abla frequently uses art to confront pressing social and environmental issues, and he is known for his engagement in politics. He has been a strong proponent of the January 25 revolution since 2011. His artwork, always politically charged, has mirrored the tumultuous transition following the revolution in his paintings.


Date: 24 March 2014 - 25 April 2014MAR

Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 noon & 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location: Al Markhiya Gallery - Souq Waqif

appointment necessary for Friday visits, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In March 2014, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar presents an exhibition of the work of Lebanese-American visual artist, poet, playwright and essayist Etel Adnan in All Her Dimensions, that is curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Similar to nature consisting of many dimensions, the artistic and literary oeuvre of Etel Adnan contains many different aspects. Through the exploration of this artist’s multidimensionality, the exhibition will highlight the diversity in her work. Providing an extensive overview, the display at Mathaf will include Adnan’s paintings, drawings, leporellos, tapestries, writings and films from the 1960s onwards.


Addressing a variety of concepts such as identity, war, and the dichotomy of home in her work, the artist takes inspiration from both her surroundings as well as her life experiences. While Adnan views painting as expressing ‘la joie de vivre’, writing is the artist’s meditation on the tragic side of the world. One important subject that is addressed in her writings is the Lebanese Civil War that lasted from 1975 to 1990.


Through the 11 dimensions, Etel Adnan in All Her Dimensions will provide a deeper understanding of Etel Adnan’s significant oeuvre, while also giving the audience the opportunity to explore the various developments in her work. In addition to this, connections will be shown between the different fields in which she is active until this day, rather than viewing them as separate ‘particles’.


“You know there is something that links all the different things. It is what we call our person. There is a link that you don’t do purposely, it’s there, it’s your sensitivity, it’s your identity really….It’s one person in different rooms.” – Etel Adnan on her exhibition at Mathaf.


A publication co-published by Mathaf will be released to coincide with the opening of the exhibition, and will contain many interviews with the artist by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, writings by the artist, and essays by several other contributors, providing a significant insight into the art, writings and thinking of Etel Adnan.


16 March, 2014 to July 6, 2014




في شهر مارس 2014 يستضيف متحف: المتحف العربي للفن الحديث، معرض "ايتل عدنان بكل ابعادها" للفنانة والشاعرة والكاتبة المسرحية اللبنانية- الأميركية إيتيل عدنان، وهو من تقييم هانس أولريخ أوبريست.


كما الطبيعة تتألف من أبعاد مختلفة، كذلك فإن أعمال إيتيل عدنان الفنية والأدبية تحتوي على جوانب متنوعة، يمكن استكشافها من خلال هذا المعرض الذي يستضيفه متحف، والذي يأتي لتسليط الضوء على هذا التنوع والغنى في أعمالها، بحيث يتضمن لمحة عامة واسعة النطاق، تشمل اللوحات، والرسوم، والكتب المطوية على شكل أكورديون (اللوبيريلو)، والكتابات والأفلام، التي أنتجتها الفنانة منذ عام 1960 وحتى الآن.


تتناول الفنانة في أعمالها مواضيع متنوعة مثل الهوية والحرب والانقسامات التي تحدث في الوطن، مستلهمة ذلك من تجربتها الشخصية، ومما يحيط بها على حد سواء. وفيما تعبر لوحاتها عن "الابتهاج" فإن كتاباتها تمثل تأملاً في الجانب المأساوي من العالم، فموضوع الحرب الأهلية اللبنانية التي امتدت مابين 1975- 1990، هو أحد أهم المواضيع التي تناولتها في كتاباتها.


ومن خلال أحد عشر بعداً، فإن معرض "ايتل عدنان بكل ابعادها"، سوف يوفر فهماً أعمق لمجموع أعمال الفنانة إيتيل عدنان، كما سيمنح الجمهور فرصة أكبر لاستكشاف التطورات المختلفة في عملها. بالإضافة إلى ذلك، سوف يتم إيضاح صلات الوصل التي تجمع بين مختلف تلك الأنشطة، بدل النظر إليها "كجزيئات منفصلة".

"أنت تعلم أن ثمة ما يربط بين جميع الأشياء المختلفة، إنه ذلك الذي ندعوه شخصيتنا. هناك صلة لا تتعمد القيام بها، إنها هنا، إنها حساسيتك، إنها هويتك حقاً.. إنها شخص واحد في غرف مختلفة" – إيتيل عدنان، حول معرضها في متحف.


سيطلق "متحف" بالتزامن مع افتتاح المعرض إصداراً مشتركاً، بحيث يتضمن العديد من المقابلات التي أجراها قيّم المعرض هانس أولريخ أوبريست مع الفنانة، بالإضافة إلى كتابات الفنانة نفسها، والعديد من المقالات لكتاب آخرين، والتي تسلط الضوء على فن وكتابات وفكر إيتيل عدنان.

مارس 16 - 6 يوليو 2014


Al Dabke Festival - الدبكة

  • Wednesday, 19 March 2014 14:35
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The Al Dabke festival is being organized to highlight the Arabic folkloric moment historical and the cultural richness it has in the Arab countries in all forms, an initiative taken by Katara, our aim is to showcase Dabke and its diversity through workshops, exhibitions and 3 shows in the Amphitheater etc

The idea is to history by breaking the current world record of the largest dakbe gathering through the Guinness book of world records, provide a platform through which different forms of Dabke is made know to the Qatar-i’s and other Arab expats. These events will be showcased to a minimum of 20000 people in total. Our scope of producing this festival is turn-key solutions from planning to design, production to implementation.


3 Apr - 5 Apr 2014

10:00:am - 10:00:pm


Building 15 Hall, Katara Amphitheater and Katara Esplanade

Snow White

  • Wednesday, 19 March 2014 14:33
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Theatrical Ballet show


“Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs” is a classic ballet dedicated to children, it tells the story of Princess Snow White fleeing into the bewitched forest after her stepmother trying to kill, and then she encountered seven midgets and the prince who eventually married her.

The ballet was designed by Russian choreographer Genrikh Mayorov in 1975; he was inspired by ‘’ Snow White’’ movie realized by “Walt Disney”, as Mayorov produced his artistic work through a theatrical ballet.

Since the ballet production of “Snow White” 30 years ago, no ballet performance for children has reached the fresh look. The dance parts of the ballet are distinguished by imagination and innovation and although the theme of the ballet itself is about a fairy-tale, the choreography with the impressive solo acts and the dynamic scenes of corps de ballet, evokes admiration of audiences of all ages.

The show will be presented through the vision of the producer Demitry Tchirbagy, who produced more than 40 Drama, Ballet and Opera during his professional career.

We invite both adult and little friends to offer them one more enchanting performance through the magical art of classic ballet.

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm



23 Mar - 25 Mar 2014

04:00:pm - 08:00:pm


Katara Opera House – Building 16

The First Turkish Festival

  • Wednesday, 19 March 2014 14:05
  • Written by

Four days of activities at Katara Cultural Village will promote Turkish culture, as well as the historical and modern bonds between Qatar and Turkey.




9 Apr - 12 Apr 2014

10:00:am - 10:00:pm

Building 3, Katara Esplanade

The “Fath El-Kheir” journey to the Gulf harbors

A show by Ahmed bin Yousef  Al-Khulaifi


Photographer Ahmed bin Yousef Al-Khulaifi presents sixty large-print photographs that together take a journey by boat from the waterfront of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha past Katara beach, and then on to Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, and Saudi Arabia - a journey taking 25 days in total.


The Qatar Photographic Society in cooperation with Katara Cultural Village invites you to this extraordinary photo exhibition.


18 March 2014 - 3 April 2014

Building 18 - Katara


 افتتح في الساعه السادسة والنصف مساء الثلاثاء 18 مارس 2014م المعرض الخاص لرحلة  محمل فتح الخير لبنادر الخليج بعدسة السيد/ احمد بن يوسف الخليفي  على شاطي كتارا .   

 وقد بدات الرحلة بمراحل متعددة بدات من التجهيز والاستعداد ثم التآزر والاصرار والاهتمام ، وقد مرت الرحلة بمراحل عديدة حتي وصلت الى المسيرة ضمن احتفال البلاد باليوم الوطني 18 ديسمبر 2013م .


يضم المعرض 60 صوره بحجم كبير معبرة عن الرحلة التي بدات من التجهيز من احد ارصفة المتحف الاسلامي بالدوحه ثم بدات الرحلة من شاطي كتارا الى كلا من الكويت – البحرين –ابو ظبي – دبي – سلطنة عمان – المملكة العربية السعودية ، حيث استمرت الرحلة مايقارب 25 يوم


ادارة الجمعية وبالتعاون مع ادارة كتارا ، تتشرف بدعوتكم لحضور المعرض المتميز للسيد/ احمد بن يوسف الخليفي والتعرف عن قرب لمراحل الرحلة من خلال صور المعرض.


١٨ مارس ٢٠١٤ حتى ٣ ابريل ٢٠١٤

مبنى ١٨ - كتارا الحي الثقافي


KAC will screen a monthly film highlighting contemporary art and artists in and about the Gulf and beyond.




12 Mar - 12 Mar 2014

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Katara Art Centre – Building 5





يقوم مركز كتارا للفن بعرض فيلم سينمائي كل شهر تلقي من خلاله الضوء على هذا الفن والفنانين المعاصرين سواًء في الخليج أو في المنطقة العربية أو عالميًا. الأربعاء، 12 مارس، الساعة 7:00 مساًء. بمركز كتارا للفن، المبنى رقم 5، قرية كتارا الثقافية.




12 Mar - 12 Mar 2014

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

مركز كتارا للفن المبنى 5

Woven Relations - علاقات منسوجة

  • Wednesday, 05 March 2014 19:28
  • Written by

The Doha-based artist presents a series of photo-montage mixed media works documenting people’s reflections while using the carpet as symbol of cultures, societies and identities.



11 Mar - 11 Mar 2014

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Katara Art Center, Bldg 5



معرض منفرد للفنان المُقيم بالدوحة محمد أبو النجا، ويعرض فيه سلسلة من أعمال المونتاج الفوتوغرافيّ (فوتومونتاج) والتي تمزج بين عدد من الوسائط لتوثق تأملات الإنسان مع الاستعانة بالسجادة المنسوجة لتكون رمزًا للثقافات

والمجتمعات والهوية. يدشن المعرض يوم الثلاثاء 11 مارس في الساعة 7:00 مساًء. بمركز كتارا للفن، المبنى رقم 5، قرية كتارا الثقافية.


11 Mar - 11 Mar 2014

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

مركز كتارا للفن المبنى 5




Brazil Cinema Showcase March 2014

  • Friday, 28 February 2014 21:16
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'Waste Land'

Directed by: Lucy Walker

Country: Brazil - UK

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 99 mins

Year: 2010

Language: English, Portuguese with Arabic and English subtitles

Rating: PG

An uplifting documentary highlighting the transformative power of art and the beauty of the human spirit. Top-selling contemporary artist Vik Muniz takes us on an emotional journey from Jardim Gramacho, the world's largest landfill on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, to the heights of international art stardom. Muniz collaborates with the brilliant catadores, pickers of recyclable materials, true Shakespearean characters who live and work in the garbage quoting Machiavelli and showing us how to recycle ourselves.


Screening Times:

Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Friday, 14 March- 4:00 PM


Saturday, 15 March- 7:00PM

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'Only When I Dance'

Directed by: Beadie Finzi

Country: Brazil - UK

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 78 min  

Year: 2009

Language: Portuguese and English with English and Arabic subtitles

Rating: PG

‘Only When I Dance’ tells the story of two teenagers, Irlan and Isabela, as they pursue their dreams of becoming professional ballet dancers as a way to escape the violent slums of Rio de Janeiro.


Screening Times:

Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium

Friday, 14 March, 7:00PM


Saturday, 15 March, 4:00PM

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