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Art Gallery by Morilza Ramos

  • Sunday, 24 November 2013 23:12
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This collection presented by G-Interiors, brings the original works of Brazilian artist Morilza Ramos to Qatar, where her authentic and gracefully painted panels will be presented for the first time in Doha.

Inspired by contemporary and classical themes, Ramos creates artwork that simply adds a touch of value to any environment.


25 Nov - 1 Dec 2013

10:00:am - 10:00:pm

Katara Gallery 1 - Bldg 18

Paintings & Sculptures Garden

  • Monday, 25 November 2013 00:00
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Paintings and Sculptures Garden
Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
November 26, 2013

Entitled Paintings and sculptures garden, the exhibition addresses the theme of the invention of forms and features a selection of artists from Mathaf's collection: Dia Azzawi, Farid Belkahia, Faraj Daham, Manal Al-Dowayan, Ismail Fattah, Wafa Al-Hamad, Adam Henein, Madi Hussein, Tariq Ibrahim, Baya Mahieddine,Mohammed El-Melehi, Sami Mohammed, Ahmed Nawar, Khalifa Al-Qattan, Ibrahim El-Sahali, Munqith Said, Abbas Saladi, Jewad Selim and Seif Wanly.

Pictured above: Baya Mahieddine, Title unknown, 1992, gouache and graphite on paper, 75 x 100 cm

Magdi Mostafa: Sound Element

  • Monday, 25 November 2013 00:00
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Project Space: Magdi Mostafa Sound Element
Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
November 27, 2013 – January 5, 2014

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art opens a Project Space in Doha, dedicated to new tendencies in artistic production and emerging curatorial practices. Collaborations with international artists and experimentation in curating and art production are central in the activities of the Project Space.

For the first installation in its Project Space, Mathaf invites Egyptian artist Magdi Mostafa to continue exploring the dialogue between sound and space. Mostafa’s work evokes personal and shared memories, recalling different images and emotions to be experimented by the visitors.

The artist will continue his ongoing series of installations and performances titled Sound Element, for which he is creating a surround-sound installation that blends experimental electronic and found sonics. Sound Element evolved from a series of field recordings that the artist has been doing since 2007, putting an emphasis on different background sounds that often go unnoticed in everyday life. Rather than planning a series of installations and performances in advance, Mostafa allows the sounds of his work to develop naturally, to let them “grow like the roots of plants and trees.” Using a variety of frequencies, Sound Element is meant to trigger certain layers of ‘chemical reactions’ through the vibrations of sound within the space. The effect that this has is determined by the individual’s nature and becomes a very personal experience. Set in an entirely dark space, Sound Element invites the visitor to use hearing as their primary sense to take in the artwork. Beyond the physical experience of the artwork, one can interpret the function of sound as material that takes an important space in the development of our societies today, and the revolutions wave in the Arab world gave the sound a voice expressing the idea of change, of progress and movement in general.

Pictured above: Magdi Mostafa, Sound Element, ongoing project (2007-2013), installation drawing.


The Mathaf Student Art Competition and Exhibition is an annual event that celebrates the creativity of K-12 students in Qatar, and encourages students, teachers and parents to explore modern and contemporary art together. During the 2013-2014 school year, Mathaf will hold its second annual competition open to all schools in Qatar. Schools are invited to submit artworks created by students related to the theme of “Black and White”, to be considered for an exhibition opening in the spring of 2014 at the museum.

The Mathaf Student Art Exhibition webpage is designed to help you with your submission. It includes specific guidelines on how to participate in the competition, art images and activities, and other rich and helpful resources for teachers and students. You will also find highlights from last year’s student exhibition “Transform”. 

We encourage you to browse all the different sections and get in touch with us if you have any questions. Good luck!


Useful links:


About the Theme

How to Participate

Resources for Teachers



تعدّ مسابقة ومعرض متحف الفني للطلاب، فعالية سنوية نحتفل فيها بإبداعات طلاب من مرحلة الروضة الى الثانوية في مدارس قطر، بحيث تشجع كل من الطلاب والأساتذة والأهالي على استكشاف الفنون المعاصرة والحديثة معاً. لذلك سيحتضن متحف: المتحف العربي للفن الحديث، خلال العام الدراسي 2013- 2014، معرضه السنوي الثاني مستضيفاً طلاباً من جميع مدارس قطر. وندعو الجميع إلى المساهمة بأعمالهم الفنية المبتكرة والمستندة إلى موضوع "الأبيض والأسود" للمشاركة في المعرض الذي سيفتتح في ربيع 2014.

تم تصميم موقع الصفحة الالكترونية للمسابقة والمعرض الفني للطلاب، لمساعدتك في عملية التسجيل. ويتضمن الموقع إرشادات توجيهية محددة حول كيفية المشاركة في المسابقة، وتشكل مجموعة من الأعمال الفنية والأنشطة ومصادر غنية أخرى، كمساعدة مباشرة للطلاب والأساتذة. ويمكن أيضاً الاطلاع على معرض "فننِّها" للعام الماضي.


نشجعك على تصفح مختلف الأقسام، والتواصل معنا في حال وجود أية أسئلة.


موضوع المعرض

كيف تشارك في المسابقة

مصادر تعليمية للمدرسين




Ajyal Family Weekend Activities

  • Sunday, 24 November 2013 22:44
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Bring the whole family to the Ajyal Family Weekend on 29 and 30 November to enjoy all kinds of fun activities during the Ajyal Youth Film Festival. All events at Ajyal’s Family Weekend are free and offer activities for kids and youth of all ages.

29 November, 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM
30 November, 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Katara Esplanade


Family Weekend Workshops:
Register your kids for various workshops running during the Family Weekend, including scrapbooking and workshops that explore simple animation techniques or gaining practical skills in producing an animated movie.

View Family Weekend Workshops


Ajyal Studio:

Your Family Weekend experience begins at the Ajyal Studio. Located on the Esplanade in Katara Cultural Village, the Ajyal Studio offers a whole load of exciting events and activities. Be part of our behind-the-scenes filmmaking experience on 29 and 30 November. Quiet on the set! Lights! Camera! Action!


Family Weekend Events:

The Ajyal Family Weekend provides great opportunities for families to play, learn and enjoy a variety of exciting activities together. There will be workshops, video games, music, dance, shows and performances from talented local youth and international talent – and a whole bunch of other surprises. Come for your fill of laughter and creativity – and take home some great Festival memories!

View Family Weekend Events


Sandbox is an interactive environment that provides hands-on access to the latest digital technologies used in filmmaking.

Embark on a digital voyage with interactive activities from Doha and around the world.

All activations at the Sandbox are free and offer activities for kids and youth of all ages.

27 & 28 November: 10 AM – 10:00 PM
29 November: 2PM – 10 PM
30 November: 10 AM – 8PM
Katara – Building 3

View Sandbox Activities

Panel: Media Violence and Our Children: How Much Is Too Much?

Regulations are in place around the world that intend to restrict the exposure of minors to violent content in media; however, there is no question that it is often quite easy for children to access this kind of material.

This panel brings together experts from a number of fields that relate in various ways to these regulations. They will discuss how content can be better controlled; how the rules of access can be applied more effectively; when and how violence is appropriate in cinema and other media – especially in content that attracts young people; and the role of education professionals in exposing children to content that is age-appropriate.

It is in everyone’s interest to protect young people from material that they are not equipped to process or understand. We invite you to join us for what is sure to be a lively and engaging discussion.

Read More

Unleash Your Inner Otaku!

Otaku’ is a Japanese term that refers to people with obsessive interests – especially those who are fans of anime.

Doha otaku take note: Ajyal has a special focus on anime culture this year, so come on out and celebrate this immensely popular art form with us at our Otaku Anime Exhibition from 27 to 30 November at Katara Building 5.

You’ll be surrounded by anime art work by regional artists and immerse yourself in nostalgia for favourite anime shows as well as the new classics. DJs will be on hand to spin popular hits from anime classics from Japan, the Arab world and just about everywhere else – and don’t forget to check out our anime workshops for all ages.

Think you have what it takes to unlock a series of clues hidden around Katara and make it to the secret destination before time runs out? Grab a team of friends, throw on your cape and moon boots, and join us for the Otaku Saves the Day Instagram Hunt! It takes place on 22 November – see our website and social media channels for registration information. The official competition
hashtag is #instAjyal.

And on 29 November, come to the Otaku Cosplay Competition dressed as your favourite character from a movie or cartoon and compete to win exciting prizes! There are all kinds of award categories, from best female and best male, to best choreography and fan favourite. To participate, register here before 17 November.

Get your imagination working and unleash your inner otaku on Doha!

View Otaku Events and Workshops



A Night From Bohemia

  • Tuesday, 12 November 2013 19:06
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Conductor / Guest Artist

Gerd Albrecht, conductor

Petra Froese, soprano



Bedřich Smetana: FromMy Country (Ma Vlast): The Moldau

Antonín Dvořák: Two Arias from Armida, Op. 115, B. 206:

- As I Merrily Pursued a Gazelle (Zastihlougazelou)

– Oh, heart, hush your beat boldly (Ó, srdce, ztissvujtlukotsmely)

Antonín Dvořák: Song to the Moon (Měsíčkunanebihlubokém) from Rusalka, Op. 114, B. 203

Bedřich Smetana: From My Country (Ma Vlast): Šárka

Bedřich Smetana: From My Country (Ma Vlast): From Bohemia’s Forests and Meadows


Thursday, November 21, 2013, 7:30 pm

Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) Auditorium 3 Buy Tickets QR50 General Admission

QMA is challenging creatives in Qatar to create a unique piece of art based on Damien Hirst’s exploration of Life and Death. The prize is an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime to visit London, travel to Gloucestershire to tour Damien Hirst studio, meet the artist and help create one of his famous spin paintings.


Enter the Damien Hirst Challenge for a chance to win a trip to London to meet the world’s most successful contemporary artist in his Gloucester studio.


Find out how you can win the opportunity of a lifetime


Register to enter.

If you’re not ready to submit your art now, don’t worry! Register today and you can log on at a later date to upload your art. The deadline for submissions is 28th December 2013.





تنظّم هيئة متاحف قطر مسابقة فنية تدعو إليها كافة المبدعين في قطر لابتكار قطع فنية فريدة قائمة على استكشاف منظور داميان هيرست للحياة والموت. الجائزة عبارة عن رحلة العمر مدفوعة التكاليف لزيارة لندن والسفر إلى غلوسترشاير للقيام بجوله في ستديو داميان هيرست، لقاء الفنان شخصياً ومشاركته ابتكار واحدة من لوحاته الشهيرة.


شارك في مسابقة داميان هيرست لتحظى بفرصة الفوز برحلة إلى لندن للقاء الفنان المعاصر الأكثر نجاحاً في العالم في الاستديو الخاص به في غلوستر


تعرّف على كيفية الفوز بفرصة العمر


سجّل لتشارك

.ا لم تكن مستعداً لتقديم عملك الفني الآن، لا تقلق! سجّل اليوم ويمكنك تسجيل الدخول في وقت لاحق لتحميل عملك الفني. الموعد النهائي لتقديم المشاركات هو 28 ديسمبر 2013.


The Orientalist Museum is bringing together Fine Art Conservators from some of the world’s leading museums for the Past to Present: Art Conservation Conference.

Taking place at the Museum of Islamic Art auditorium on Thursday November 28, the event will see conservation experts showcasing their work across a range of art disciplines. From sculpture and paintings to textiles and historical architecture, the discussions will provide a fascinating insight into the history of these objects, and the techniques used to restore them to their former glory.

Visiting speakers include Frances Hartog (V&A Museum) discussing a vintage Dior dress discovered and restored by the museum, Michel van de Laar (Rijksmuseum) highlighting restoration work on three Rembrandt paintings, Sonia Tortajada (Museo Del Prado) examining the conservation of plaster sculptures, and Béatrice Sarrazin (Château de Versailles) showcasing the ceiling compositions at the Palace of Versailles and the ongoing work to preserve them.

Aimed at both the general public and art professionals, the conference highlights the often unseen work that goes into preparing an exhibit. As Hyejung Yum, the conference organizer notes, “Art Conservation is largely hidden from view. The conference aims to provide the audience with an insight into conservators’ work and how it is planned and carried out. The focus will be on the interventive conservation of a range of specific objects including paintings, frames, sculpture, costumes, books and the ceiling of a historical building. These objects have wonderful stories, which we can share via the conservation process. ”   

Dr Olga Nefedova, director at the Orientalist Museum, said the conference was part of the museum’s ongoing work in “supporting conservation measures that prolong the life of collections for the benefit of future generations”.

The full list of speakers

Frances Hartog (V&A Museum) will showcase a vintage Dior dress discovered and restored by the museum, Michel van de Laar (Rijksmuseum) will discuss the restoration work undertaken on three Rembrandt paintings, Flavio Marzo (British Library) will present case studies in book restoration, Sonia Tortajada (Museo Del Prado) will examine the conservation of plaster sculptures, Jutta Hoeflinger (Vienna Museum of Fine Arts) will be discussing her work restoring Portrait of a Young Lady (1514), Stuart Ager (National Portrait Gallery) will look at antique picture frames, Béatrice Sarrazin (Château de Versailles) will showcase the palace’s ceiling compositions and the ongoing efforts to preserve them, and the Orientalist Museum’s Kristina Gisladottir will showcase her conservation treatment on a Jean-Baptiste Vanmour painting from the permanent collection.





حول المؤتمر  

يجمع متحف المستشرقين في "من الماضي إلى الحاضر: مؤتمر الترميم الفني" كوكبة من أبرز مرممي الفنون في نخبة متاحف العالم 

والمؤتمر، الذي تستضيفه قاعة المحاضرات في متحف الفن الإسلامي يوم الخميس 28 نوفمبر/تشرين الثاني، يشهد عرض الخبراء لما يقومون به من ترميم على أعمال تعود لحقول فنية متنوعة. فمن المنحوتات واللوحات وصولاً إلى المشغولات النسيجية والعمارة التاريخية، يسلط المؤتمر الضوء على تاريخ هذه الأعمال والتقنيات المستخدمة للحفاظ عليها واستعادة بريقها الأصلي ومجدها الغابر.

ومن المشاركين في المؤتمر فرانسيز هارتوغ (متحف فيكتوريا وألبرت) التي تسرد القصة وراء اكتشاف أحد فساتين ديور الفاخرة وترميمه في المتحف، ومايكل فان دي لار (متحف الرايكس) الذي يعرض ترميماً خضعت له ثلاث لوحات للرسام رامبرانت، وسونيا تورتاخادا (متحف ديل برادو) التي تشرح آليات ترميم المنحوتات الجصّية، وبياتريس سارازين (قصر فرساي) التي تقدم عرضاً للجهود المستمرة للحفاظ على الفرسكو في أجنحة القصر. 

يستهدف المؤتمر كلاً من خبراء الفن وكذلك العامة بحيث يكشف الجانب غير المعروف عادة من الاستعدادات لتنظيم المعارض، وهو أمرٌ تؤكد عليه هيجونغ يوم التي أشرفت على تنظيم المؤتمر: "الترميم الفني هو أمرٌ لطالما ظل مغموراً. يهدف المؤتمر إلى تقديم إضاءات للحضور حول عمل المرممين وكيفية التخطيط له وتنفيذه. وسيكون التركيز على الترميم التدخلي الذي تم تنفيذه على مجموعة من الأعمال بما فيها لوحات وإطارات ومنحوتات وأزياء وكتب وأسقف قصر. لكل من هذه الأعمال قصة رائعة نتشارك بها خلال عملية الترميم." 

أما الدكتورة أولغا نيفيدوفا، مديرة متحف المستشرقين، فقد قالت إن المؤتمر يأتي في إطار العمل المستمر الذي يضطلع به المتحف في مجال "دعم أعمال الترميم التي تطيل عمر المجموعات الفنية من أجل فائدة الأجيال القادمة."   

قائمة كاملة للمرممين المشاركين 

تكشف فرانسيز هارتوغ (متحف فيكتوريا وألبرت) القصة وراء اكتشاف أحد فساتين ديور الفاخرة وترميمه في المتحف؛ ويناقش مايكل فان دي لار (متحف الرايكس) ترميم ثلاث لوحات للرسام الشهير رامبرانت؛ أما فلافيو مارزو (المكتبة البريطانية) فيقدم عدة نماذج لترميم الورق؛ وتعرض سونيا تورتاخادا (متحف ديل برادو) آليات ترميم المنحوتات الجصّية؛ بينما تتطرق يوتا هوفلينغه (متحف فيينا للفنون الجميلة) لعملها في ترميم لوحة شخصية لشابة من القرن السادس عشر؛ ويسلط ستيوارت آغر (ناشونال بورتريت جاليري) الضوء على ترميم إطارات اللوحات القديمة؛ وتقدم بياتريس سارازين (قصر فرساي) عرضاً للجهود المستمرة للحفاظ على الفرسكو في أجنحة القصر؛ بينما تشرح كريستين جيسلادوتير عملها في مجال الترميم على لوحة "جامع السلطان أحمد" للفنان جان باتيست فانمور من المجموعة الدائمة لمتحف المستشرقين


Kate Terry: Open Forms

  • Wednesday, 06 November 2013 14:16
  • Written by

London-based artist Kate Terry creates thread installation art that is nearly invisible at first. Using colored thread, she creates subtle yet spectacular presence in an empty space.


British artist, Kate Terry, was born in Ontario, Canada in 1976. She studied sculpture at Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K. and received an MFA at the University of Guelph in Canada in 2002. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Plan of the Present Work’, IMT Gallery (2011), ‘Reassuring Synthesis’, Small Space Gallery, Berlin (2010), ‘Empty Voluminous’, 1000000mph, London (2007), ‘Interference’, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada (2007).


Group exhibitions include ‘Overt Exchange’, A.P.T. Gallery, London (2013); ‘Level’, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art (2012); Anschlüssel London/Berlin, Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin (2011); ‘Heart of Glass’, Shoreditch Town Hall, London (2008), and ‘A Life of Their Own’, curated by Richard Cork, Lismore Castle, Ireland, (2008).



Exhibition Dates

6 NOV – 24 DEC, 2013

Opening Reception






Free workshops with MFA faculty: 2013 & 2014

  • Wednesday, 06 November 2013 14:09
  • Written by

The MFA department at VCUQatar presents a series of workshops with distinguished MFA faculty for senior students and alumni from all Education City branch universities. 

All workshops will be run on both Saturday 23 November 2013, and 18 January 2014 from 9am to 4pm.

The workshops are free of cost, and in strong demand, so applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible, before the Friday, 8 November deadline.


Apply for space now


Workshop #1:
Using Digital Fabrication Technologies in Design 

By Dr. Thomas Modeen

The workshop would introduce its participants to the wondrous World of Digital Fabrication - including laser-cutting and 3D Printing, here considered in the context of how it can play a role in developing a design. 

The workshop will include a brief introduction to CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design - Computer Aided Manufacturing), its different branches and abilities, as well as provide an opportunity to see the machines in action. Time permitting, the participants will also have a chance to produce a small bespoke laser-cut artifact as a memento of the event. 


Workshop #2:
You Play, Me Play, We Play

By Peter Martin

A workshop in design thinking as applied to exploring the potentials around creating concepts, environments, or experiences of play. A brief overview of the elements and values of play will provide a point of departure for a generative process of design thinking methods. The workshop will conclude with a brief review of the process outcomes and a summary of the scope and nature of design thinking.


Workshop #3:
Using Physical Computing to Augment Experience

By Diane Derr + Ryan Browning

The workshop will introduce participants to open-source hardware and software - including digital/analog sensors and micrcontrollers, in the augmentation and mediation of the physical, tangible environment. The workshop will include a brief introduction to the Arduino Development Environment, its capabilities and limitations, as well as provide an opportunity experience the process hands-on. Participants will produce a small interactive device, if time allows.


Workshop #4:
Sci-Fi Prototyping - Building the future to understand the present

By Paolo Cardini + Jesse Ulmer

Science Fiction Prototyping is the title of the book written by Brian David Johnson, futurist at Intel Corp. “What if we could use science fiction based on science fact to not only imagine our future but develop new technologies and products? What if we could use stories, movies and comics as a kind of tool to explore the real world implications and uses of future technologies today?” All this questions together with a speculative and critical design approach will define the use of designed objects to provoke questions and stimulate discussion in academic and research settings.

Starting from a technological discovery or a scientific fact, the participants will be stimulated to envision its future consequences. They will be taught how to build future scenarios and how to create speculative objects as projection of the present and as critique to ethical and social topics.


Date & Time

8 NOVEMBER, 2013, 6:00PM






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